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Leica M10

If money is no object, there’s no
greater joy than shooting with Leica’s
latest M10 rangefinder camera.
CAMERA $6,499
I extensively tested the Leica M in the Arctic, Latin America and all over Europe —
it even survived a motorcycle crash. It truly stands up to its reputation


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I had a ton of books I loved in 2017, but these make the best gifts and have my highest recommendation. They tend to sell out quickly!

Folio Society Dune

GUIDE - $19

Dune has always been one of my favorite books, but the Folio Edition is so gorgeous it is essentail even for those that have read it a dozen times (like me).

Chaos: Making A New Science

GUIDE - $19

A fascinating read, even much later. For lovers of science, arts, and all fields in between, in a startlingly beautiful Folio Edition.

The Man In The High Castle

GUIDE - $19

The Amazon TV show is nice, but this Folio Society edition of Dick's great piece is a stunning book to have on your shelves.

Off The Road

GUIDE - $19

Gestalten chronicles beautiful off-road adventures and vehicles in this coffee table book.

The Art Of Syd Mead

GUIDE - $19

From Blade Runner to the Jetsons, see the drawings and thinking of the most inspiring and influential futurist of our time.

The Art Of Blade Runner

GUIDE - $19

Speaking of Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049's art book has mediocre book design but stunning, unskippable content.

On Vegetables

GUIDE - $19

I usually recommend regular meaty cookbooks, but On Vegetables is both gorgeously designed and has some of the tastiest vegetable dishes I have ever eaten.

Beneath The Roses

GUIDE - $19

A gorgeous photo book for lovers of the art of photography.

The Art Of Mondo

GUIDE - $19

Mondo is a defining institution when it comes to pop culture art. I own several of their immensely gorgeous artist posters, but this compendium is hard to beat.

The Art Of Airports

GUIDE - $19

Ah, airports. Even if you don't love to be in them (I do!), this book is something special: it highlights their beauty and structure.

The Ride 2nd Gear

GUIDE - $19

Love motorcycles? The first The Ride was one of the best books for you. This one is more of the same.

Spirals In Time

GUIDE - $19

Helen Scales manages to write a fascinating book about molluscs and their secret, fascinating lives.

Monocle Travel Guides

GUIDE - $19

Great travel guides for those who like to make their own adventures and just want solid suggestions. Makes for better trips.

Monocle Subscription

GUIDE - $19

Monocle itself is chock-full of ideas, designs, and in-depth articles. Gift a subscription!